Here are some terms and conditions on how to do Guest Posting in Sampurna Sewa.

Sampurna Sewa is a service provider platform. This website is dedicated to the service business. So there are some things to keep in mind while doing Guest Posting on Sampurna Sewa.

  • What kind of article to publish, whether to publish the article or not will be privately owned by Sampurna Sewa.
  • Articles should be about startups, technology, entrepreneurship, service, business, help, etc. Don’t waste time sending biography, stories, literature, etc.
  • We do not recognize articles below 500 words as good articles.
  • If you must publish a photo with the article, please send it. But we will publish fewer photos larger than 512 px.
  • In case you need to send someone a copyrighted photo, please also send the copyright information of that photo.
  • When you submit an article, please do not send the article with an affiliate link. We will not publish articles with affiliate links.
  • Don’t send articles with too many unwanted links. We will not publish articles with too many unwanted links.
  • In your article, we will also focus on SEO and plagiarism.

Our policies change at different times. We can’t even tell you all this.

Please send your article to . We will notify you after your article has been published but will not give you any information that your article is not publishable.

Posting as a guest on the website will also help you and we will keep a guest post on Sampurna Sewa because we will also get a good article. We will publish articles from anywhere in the world, including your address, but if you want to keep the address confidential, we will take care of that too.  But we are fully committed to ensuring that our company does not publish scams, forgeries, and lies.

Guest Posting to Sampurna Sewa